This blog serves a few purposes; firstly as a showcase for the photographs I take in my spare time and secondly to encourage me to take more of them. It’s also intended to ensure that I think more about how I take photographs and the motivations behind taking them. Lastly, it’s a chance for me to experiment with the medium of a blog.

The format I intend to follow is to post a picture every Sunday with a description of the circumstances surrounding the photo and the relevant metadata. It is also my intension to try and post a picture that I have taken in the week between the previous post. In the event that I haven’t taken any photographs in the interim, I will post one from my archive and I imagine that this will probably be the case the majority of the time as life inevitably and unfortunately gets in the way of this hobby.

I’ve created a Twitter account linked to this blog in order to keep people abreast of my posts and to share the things that inspire my photography; please have a look if it interests you: http://twitter.com/#!/PbyNB.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the writing attached to them.