31.03.13, Week 85: Smoke Between the Trees

by pbnb

Week 85 - 28.03.13

So, after two months without any posts and, more importantly for me, two months without my desktop, I’m back and up to date. I came home from university at the end of last week and spent a good proportion of the weekend attempting to fix my graphics card. Or rather, the fan on my graphics card, as that is all that was wrong with it. After my dad and I taking a nine inch angle grinder (my brother has been borrowing the smaller one) to the fan, the card crashing after running at 104 degrees centigrade, and various attempts at using different wires for power, we settled on screwing a fan to the outside of the card’s heat sink and letting it run a bit hotter than it had been at 75 degrees. Unfortunately, though, I won’t be defeating Handsome Jack in the near future.

My girlfriend and I took a trip to Bath during the week and we stopped off at her Godmother’s house for some tea. Along with her husband, she had been clearing the leaves from the floor of the avenue of trees that used to run up to the manor house that burnt down. As the leaves were all so dry, and to save picking them up, they were simply raked and blown into piles and then burnt. The smoke was blowing through the avenue of trees and shrouding them, leaving some as nothing but faint silhouettes.

This Time Last Year

The moon reflecting on a stretch of Spanish sea: 01.04.12, Week 33: Archive 6.


      • Date taken: 28.03.13
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/2500 sec
      • ISO: 500
      • Focal length: 24mm