17.03.13, Week 83: The View from Apartment 65 (Part Two)

by pbnb

Week 83 - 11.03.13

A few weeks ago, I posted a panorama that I created from pictures I had taken out of my bedroom window. We’ve had another pleasant patch of weather lately, with the interceding period since the first post being characterised by the colour grey. I’ve also had another slow week where I haven’t been out of my apartment much; apparently a social life isn’t compatible with my dissertation. This week, I’ve created another panorama of the same view, just a bit wider than the previous photo. I actually produced about twelve panoramas from this sunset as I also took some shots from the top floor of my building which has a completely different view to the one from my bedroom and the rest of the flat.

I chose this image instead of one of the other panoramas because of the expanse of blue sky in the left of the frame. It really adds to the image because of its contrast to the darkness of the cloud on the right. I also liked the wider perspective in this shot because it makes the cloud dwarf everything in the foreground of the image. As I noted in the previous post of this view, I created a good balance between the dark foreground and the bright sky. I feel that I have also replicated this balance here. The best part of the shot for me, though, is the sun’s highlighting of moisture rising into the cloud in the centre of the frame. The colours and texture of that part of the cloud are really striking and I’m pleased that I managed to capture them.

This Time Last Year

A gatehouse reflected in a puddle: 18.03.12, Week 31: The Gatehouse.


      • Date taken: 11.03.13
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/2500 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 45mm