10.03.13, Week 82: Archive 21

by pbnb

Week 82 - 20.12.12

Another week, another archive shot, I’m afraid. This one was from the grey December day that I took a friend of mine to Somerset House for an exhibition on Valentino. I’ve posted pictures from the day here and here, so I won’t go through the background all over again.

I found this lamp when we were wondering around the hallways of Somerset House and something about it just grabbed me. The bulbous shape of the shades reminds me of my decanter, a shape that I am particularly fond of in glassware. The shades of the stone of the walls and ceiling, which was actually the underside of a staircase, and the plastered wall appeal to the palette that I like in interiors. My favourite aspect of the image, however, is the shadow play created by the different angles of the walls and the shape of the shades. I really like the variation throughout the frame as it creates a real depth to the image that is otherwise not particularly interesting. It also makes the image considerably warmer than it would be otherwise as the walls aren’t whitewashed by bright light.

This Time Last Year

The Arndale Tower mirrored through a glass wall: 11.03.12, Week 30: Archive 5.


      • Date taken: 20.12.12
      • Aperture: f/5.6
      • Speed: 1/50 sec
      • ISO: 640
      • Focal length: 24mm