17.02.13, Week 79: Reflections in Bristol

by pbnb

Week 79 - 15.02.13

I travelled back home this week in order to see the surgeon who operated on my knee last year. I reinjured it following a brief return to lacrosse in January, and therefore need to have it looked at. It turns out I have actually destroyed the ACL graft that was put in place in March, and have also managed to tear a different piece of cartilage than I did originally. So I will be having surgery again this year (hopefully this year) at least twice, if not three times, depending upon the severity of the injury, which can only be ascertained once I have an arthroscopy.

After I had been to see the surgeon, I met up with a good friend of mine from secondary school who goes to university at Bristol. We went for brunch in a cafe in Clifton, which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and cheered me up dramatically after the bad news I had just received. I then walked from there down into the centre of town to get on a train at Temple Meads. On the way I wandered around taking pictures; I thought the opportunity was too good to miss considering how nice the weather was. I ended up at @Bristol which I visited several times with my primary school, but had no concept of its location or proximity to anything else in Bristol. The glass in the picture above is one of the sides of @Bristol.

I’ve taken a very similar picture to this before which was of the reflection of the Arndale Tower in the glass wall of the Urbis Building. As I described in that post, I couldn’t get close enough to the glass to create a neat plane of symmetry which created a gap between the reflection and the real view. I managed it with this shot above, and it actually looks quite a bit better than the first time I tried to create this type of image. That’s not to say that the other image is bad, per se, the effect is just quite different.

The panes of glass in this image create a slightly staggered effect to the shot, much like they do in this image. It breaks down the neatness of the reflection which makes it seem slightly surreal with repeated features, such as the front of the van, appearing as the panes of glass converge. It’s a shame that the foreground of the image is so dull in comparison to the building and sky in the background. It makes the foreground somewhat irrelevant and the pillar seems to intrude on the image. It might have been better to get a bit closer to the building at the back and included less of the foreground.

This Time Last Year

Venetian blinds in soft focus: 19.02.12, Week 27: Blinds.


      • Date taken: 15.02.13
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/1600 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 48mm