20.01.13, Week 75: Archive 17, A Long Overdew Close-up (Part Two)

by pbnb

Week 75 - 10.01.13

I haven’t managed to take a picture that I was pleased with again this week; in my defence I’ve had two exams, so I’ve been focusing on them rather than my photographic pursuits. I took this shot a couple of hours after the one that I posted last week. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was a horrible day, but that was actually somewhat beneficial in that the bright light might have actually made the droplets sparkle and detract from the image as it is here. The picture was taken in the set aside on the edge of the field that my garden backs onto. This thin strip of land around the perimeter of the field is left fallow in order to promote a habitat for wildlife, and for which the farmer receives subsidies for the loss of productive land. The vegetation is mostly dense and long grass, the blades of which are coarse and heavily textured, as you can see in the close-up shot. I’ve always admired shots of water droplets, but I’ve never managed to take one that’s been worth the time it took to compose. I’m pretty pleased with this one though.

The composition of the image was quite simple: I just bent down and moved about until I found some blades of grass that created a platform across the frame in order to capture as many droplets as possible. Then it was simply a case of deciding how far down the frame I wanted the blade to be positioned. I’m a big fan of narrow depth of field, and in using it here I’ve tried to create a pleasant and soft bokeh to the image. I like the variety of sharpness that the droplets of water have, it adds a good depth to the frame. I’m in two minds about the blades of grass that are in the foreground to the right of the image; I’m not sure whether they intrude upon the image, or add to its depth. In some ways, I think the shot might look quite odd without them in the frame because it would look too flat and manipulated, rather than looking exactly as I found it. I’ve also positioned them within the frame so that they don’t impede on any of the droplets and therefore reduce their detraction from the image. Like most things in photography, it’s a compromise.

This Time Last Year

Star trails in the heart of Wiltshire: 22.01.12: Week 23, Star Trails.


      • Date taken: 10.01.13
      • Aperture: f/11
      • Speed: 1/60 sec
      • ISO: 640
      • Focal length: 55mm