13.01.13, Week 74: A Long Overdew Close-up (Part One)

by pbnb

Week 74 - 10.01.13

Firstly, sorry for the pun, I couldn’t resist. Upon walking across the gravel outside my house, I noticed there were several silvery patches between the stones. As I looked closer, I realised that they were spider webs onto which the dew had settled. I also realised how long it had been since I’d taken a shot with my close-up filters, so I thought I was a good time to stick them on my camera and set to with composing. I took quite a few shots of different patches of cobweb from different angles. There are two shots of this particular patch that I was quite keen on, but I decided upon the one above as the other focused on the gravel more than the dewy web. The close-up filters work best on a manual lens, so I’ve been using one of my parents’ old Nikkor lenses. My Dad had a Nikon FE which has a split focus display in the viewfinder. My D300 is not equipped with any way to easily discern when something is in focus when using manual focus, so it’s a case of leaning closer and further away from the object and then later deciding which shot is the best.

I also thought the composition of this shot was a bit more interesting than the one I chose it over. I really like the way the dew highlights the lattice effect of the cobweb, something that’s not easily discernible without using some form of magnification. The fact that the gravel falls in and out of focus seemingly randomly adds to the picture as there is a wide variety of textures throughout the frame. The droplets of water make the cobweb invisible and look like they are hanging in mid-air without any other form of support. They almost look like a watery necklace of beads. My biggest gripe with the shot is that I could have perhaps better centred the cobweb. At the moment the focal point is around the bottom and left transection of the lines of the rule of thirds (the bottom left circle in this picture). Whilst this is fine from the point of view that it’s not awkwardly placed, it probably would have been more suitable for this subject to have been placed centrally instead.

This Time Last Year

Ice on the back of a leaf: 15.01.12: Week 22, Ice Ridge. Quite a contrast to the weather this year, as the photo above was taken during one of several days of fog, not the glorious sunshine of last year.


      • Date taken: 10.01.13
      • Aperture: f/11
      • Speed: 1/60 sec
      • ISO: 640
      • Focal length: 55mm