09.12.12, Week 69: Northern Quarter Graffiti

by pbnb

Week 69 - 08.12.12

I’ve been into Manchester quite a lot this week as my friend’s mother came up to stay and we took her into the centre a couple of times. I’ve been to the Christmas markets a lot and I thought I would probably post one of the pictures I took there. However, when we were driving through the Northern Quarter yesterday I noticed this monstrous piece of graffiti on the gable of a building. Well, what has become a gable as it looks like the rest of the building is missing. The mural was painted in partnership with the shoe and clothing brand Converse, hence why their logo is underneath it. It was painted by an artist called Faunagraphic, a female graffiti artist, and required the use of a telescopic platform to paint. Her report of it is here.

I’m not that pleased with the shot, if I’m honest. I had to rush as we were in the car and the traffic lights were changing to green, so it’s not framed as carefully as it would have been had I been on foot. I should have tried to fit more of the graffiti on the right into the frame, instead of the building to the left. It would have provided a better positioning across the frame if I had done that. It’s a pretty grimy building from this side, but the front of it is actually quite ornate. I thought afterwards that I should have taken a collection of portrait shots and put them together so that the building’s facade and the whole of the mural were in frame. I thought I’d put it up despite this though; it’s quite different to most of my other shots on here and is a very interesting piece of graffiti. In fact, it’s made me look over all of the art I was into as a teenager which I’d partially forgotten about. Maybe I’ll take another trip and retake the shot on foot so I can compose it better.

This Time Last Year

I thought it might be cool to post a link each week to the photo I posted this time last year, a bit of a meta-post if you like. So, this time last year: 11.12.11: Week 17, Veins.


      • Date taken: 08.12.12
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/320 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 24mm