02.12.12, Week 68: A Welcome Sight

by pbnb

Week 68 - 28.11.12

This week has been pretty hard. I know that might be received by scoffs for those of you who are in the ‘real’ world, and not doing a university ‘degree’ with a 9 hour week, but life is stressful at the moment. I’m lucky enough to live in an apartment which is quite high up and isn’t surrounded by buildings of a similar height. In fact, the buildings that are around are all two storey houses, the tall ones in the picture being several hundred metres away. The aspect is out to the West, which means if it’s a nice day we get the view of the sunset before the onset of darkness (emphasis on the ‘if’; it is Manchester, after all). I’ve always looked to the sky and at clouds when I’m feeling a little intimidated by life. I find reassurance in the fact that there is always something beautiful to be admired, even if it’s raining. That beauty is almost entirely democratic; anybody can look at the sky and enjoy it regardless of who you are (except perhaps people detained in solitary confinement; I’ve been told concrete is hard to see through).

The image is a composite of three shots that I took at the full extent of my lens’ zoom. My intension was to focus on the band of cloud illuminated by the sun, rather than on a wider scene which doesn’t show that much detail. I’m a bit of a nerd and have a large computer screen, so I hope the width and height ratio isn’t too incompatible for most of you looking at this. I keep forgetting to put my camera in manual setting when taking the shots that I will use to create a panorama. I usually shoot in aperture priority which means that the camera selects its own shutter speed based on the amount of light it calculates is needed to properly expose the scene. Unfortunately, I did it again with these shots, so there is a bit of variation in exposure throughout the frame. The buildings on the left are entirely dark, whereas those two-thirds of the way into the frame are reasonable well exposed. I think this is the only clear result of my error in this shot; I mostly got away with it here. I think the clouds and sky are beautiful though, so I’m pleased with the shot other than my technical error.


      • Date taken: 28.11.12
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/400 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 70mm