25.11.12, Week 67: The View from an Unfinished Building

by pbnb

Week 67 - 23.11.12

I’ve got to the point in the term again when I have several essays to write and hand in in a very short period of time. As a result of that, I really needed a break from books and journal articles, so I suggested that my flatmate and I went on a little excursion. There’s an unfinished building near our flat that is currently being used as a car park. The stairwells have been built and the majority of the structure, but the rest seems to have just ground to a halt. One of the stair wells is open, so you can just climb the stairs to the top floor which gives you a great view over the city. There’s a flyover that is right next to the building, so I spent a lot of time taking long exposures of traffic. I’ve taken several pictures like that lately, so I thought I’d try and put up a shot that has a bit more variation.

I took several shots that are similar to this, but with varying levels of zoom. I couldn’t decide which one was best, they all have their pros and cons, but I think this is a good medium in terms of the detail provided and the amount of variation in the frame. There are a couple of light trails, one from the cars at the bottom of the frame, and then a more subtle one of a train just to the left of the ‘First Street’ building. I like the cityscape because it doesn’t feel too big and imposing. Some of the less zoomed shots made the place look vast and a bit overpowering for the image. I particularly like the contrast between the Victorian elements of the scene, like the railway bridge, Manchester Central, and the town hall’s spire, and the modern day steel and glass buildings. It was quite hard to compose in terms of not getting too much sky in frame and not getting too much of the boring foreground at the bottom of the image. I think it’s worked out quite nicely and I’m pleased with the shot.


      • Date taken: 23.11.12
      • Aperture: f/11
      • Speed: 5.0 sec
      • ISO: 200
      • Focal length: 35mm