04.11.12, Week 64: Thank you, Guy Fawkes

by pbnb

As I was at home for Guy Fawkes’ night, I thought it would be nice for my mum and I to go along to the local village primary school’s display. I couldn’t get over how impressive the fireworks were considering the size of the school and the size of our village. It must have lasted for at least twenty minutes, if not half an hour, and was very well arranged. I read in the village newsletter that it was done professionally, and they certainly did a good job. The title of this post has two meanings, both thanking Guy Fawkes for his failure. Firstly for creating a event every year where we get to have huge bonfires and watch fireworks, and secondly for not destroying one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. I’ve always loved bonfire night, every year it brings back cherished memories of the fun I had as a child. I’m also a closet (I would say cupboard, but it doesn’t sound quite right) pyromaniac, so fires and explosions always go down brilliantly with me.

Those of you who have been reading my blog since I started this project (thank you!) might remember that I tried to take pictures of fireworks last year. It didn’t go very well for me, so I ended up posting something else (my sentences are very long in that post, my apologies). The problem was that I didn’t own a remote shutter release, so I couldn’t take pictures using bulb mode without making the camera shake. This resulted in most of my pictures being a blurry mess of lines of light and several silhouettes of a tree. However, this year, I figured things out a bit and have got better at taking long exposures. I also purchased a remote shutter release, so things are a lot easier and actually doable now.

I was trying to get a silhouette in the bottom of the frame, which has partially worked. It actually looked a lot better last year, despite the shakiness. I think that’s largely because the trees weren’t particularly tall in this shot, whereas it was a large oak tree last year, so they weren’t as close to the light source and therefore not as well lit. It was quite a windy night, which meant that the fireworks moved once they exploded, which has given the light trails that slightly feathered look. I can’t make up my mind whether or not I like the effect on all of the shots, but on this one it reminds me of palm trees which is quite a nice comparison for the picture. It’s possibly a little bit over exposed in the epicentre of the firework explosions, but unfortunately there wasn’t much that I could do about that if I wanted the rest of the frame to be adequately exposed. I’m very pleased with the shot overall, I found it quite hard to fill the frame with light from the fireworks without it looking like I’d missed parts of the explosion, but it’s gone pretty well in this one.


      • Date taken: 03.11.12
      • Aperture: f/18
      • Speed: 2.8 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 40mm