23.09.12, Week 58: Jamie’s Symmetrical Italian

by pbnb

This weekend I went into town with a couple of friends to have a mosey around the shops. I cycled in by myself to meet them there, which meant that I had a bit of time to myself when I was walking back to my bike. I walked to the top of King Street, where a lot of the clothes shops are, and found myself outside this building. Jamie’s Italian is in the bottom of it, and I’d like to think that people live in the upper floors because it’s a beautiful building. It’s completely symmetrical which, along with the giant windows, is what makes it appeal to me so much.

I tried to take the shot so that the centre of the image was on the line of symmetry that runs through the centre of the building. I’m not particularly good at framing images as accurately as this required, and it needed a bit of rotating in the post production. I haven’t cropped it though, so I’m quite pleased with how that turned out, in the end. The light is a little frustrating as it makes the photo look a little less even due to brightening some and darkening other parts of the image. It’s not perfect, but not bad for me.


      • Date taken: 22.09.12
      • Aperture: f/4.5
      • Speed: 1/1600 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 35mm