26.08.12, Week 54: Spanish Lantern

by pbnb

This summer I went back to Spain with my friend, to stay at their house in La Herradura. Some of their close family friends also have a house there that is two doors further up the calle (street). We were invited up to dinner one night, and they had put these lanterns on the tables that were outside on the roof terrace. I thought the contrast between the light and dark in the image was interesting so took a few shots of them, this one being my favourite.

I’m actually quite disappointed by the positioning of the lantern within the frame. I think it would look much better if the body of it was more central than I actually managed to position it. I was concentrating on locating the top of the lantern in the centre of the frame and obviously neglected its lower half. Despite this, I really like the way  that the light within the lantern is out of focus and just blends in with the rest of it. It makes the mesh at the top seem all the more sharp and exaggerates its shape. I also like the tone of the image, the warmth of the candle light that is the only light source.


      • Date taken: 26.08.12
      • Aperture: f/2.8
      • Speed: 1/40 sec
      • ISO: 640
      • Focal length: 40mm