05.08.12, Week 51: Cyrillic Factory Walls

by pbnb

This week I went back to Manchester to stay with one of my friends so that we could find a flat for the upcoming year at university. He had a couple of days of holiday, so we managed to fit in a trip to an old factory called the Macintosh mill. It was the home of Charles Macintosh & Company who produced the rubberised waterproof coats that became widely known as the generic type of coat, the mackintosh. The mill is now half converted to very nice brownfield flats, which were unfortunately a far amount out of our price range, and half left derelict. We spent a good three or four hours sat in the car waiting for the characteristically Mancunian rain to stop, and its was definitely worth the wait.

We were mostly interested in the derelict half of the mill for pictures, although the converted section is beautiful. Particularly one part of it that is covered in graffiti in Russian or some form of Cyrillic script. The graffiti makes the factory look like it belongs in a post Soviet state. I really like the angle in this shot; the way that the perspective makes the script diagonally converge. I also like the column in the centre which puts some of the script in front of the rest of it and obstructs the view; it gives it a bit of a disconnected feeling. The general texture of the flaking paint throughout the frame, the way it makes the building seem like it’s falling apart.


Whilst I was in Manchester, my friend introduced me to Alt-J. I had actually heard one of their songs, ‘Tesselate‘, on the radio, but the rest of the album is absolutely superb. It’s called An Awesome Wave and reminds me a lot of Foals but with more of a beat driven backing to it, rather than instrumental, which makes for a very relaxing listen; and great for the background music to sorting photos and writing posts.


      • Date taken: 31.07.12
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/40 sec
      • ISO: 640
      • Focal length: 26mm