17.06.12, Week 44: Archive 10

by pbnb

This is another shot from my gap year travels. It was taken three weeks after the previous post, by which point we had travelled from Melbourne to Sydney, where we stayed with some of my girlfriend’s family, and begun our journey north to Cairns in a hired campervan. I took the photograph at the BIG4 campsite at Emerald Beach, a place that had been recommended to us by some friends. We had just arrived at the campsite and were getting out of the van to go and check in when we saw this Kangaroo less than ten metres away from where we were standing. Being tourists, both my girlfriend and I did the expected ‘oh my god, it’s a kangaroo’ and I proceeded to take far too many pictures of the poor creature. It was only about half way through the tirade of shutter releases that I realised there was a joey in the kangaroo’s pouch; this discovery served only to only encourage mine and my girlfriend’s fascination.

I’m actually really pleased with the result of my paparazzi style snapping. The variation of textures throughout the frame is excellent: the ruffled nature of the fur, the coarseness of the grass, and even the feather shaped ferns in the background. I like the way that both the mother and her joey and facing the same direction in the image, it draws the viewer’s eyes from the joey, which is the main subject of the image, to the mother’s face. The positioning of their heads is also good because they are both around a third of the way from the edge of the frame which suits the rule of thirds.

My only slight scruple with the image is that the light doesn’t fall on the mother’s face due to the rest of her body impeding its path. However, if she wasn’t stood in that position, many of the aspects of the image that I am pleased with would no longer be apparent. It might also prevent the joey’s head from being the focus of the image, which is what I was trying to achieve. It’s always a trade off when there are two subjects and you are trying to subordinate one to the other; it’s hard to achieve a middle ground between making them both appear to be equally the subject of the image and one becoming ignored because the other takes priority to the viewer.


I’ve been having a bit of an Incubus marathon whilst writing this post. It’s taken quite a long time because I haven’t been concentrating on it and I’ve been doing other things at the same time, like cleaning my camera strap and re-potting my bonsai tree. I’ve listened to three of their albums: Morning View, Make Yourself, and A Crow Left of the Murder; in that order. They’re one of those bands whose albums are distinct in that you can tell which album the song came from, but similar in that they aren’t so radically different that you could be in the mood for their music and listen to any of it. They’ve been a band that I’ve listened to since before I went to secondary school. They’ve never been a favourite of mine in terms of preferring their music to anything else, but they’re a favourite in that I’ve always listened to them every now and again; something familiar to come back to. I would recommend a listen, they’re very likable, and I’m sure there are many of their songs that you’ll know.


      • Date taken: 26.07.10
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/160 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 145mm