03.06.12, Week 42: Road Trip in the Rain

by pbnb

As part of my recovery from the operation I had on my knee, I need to do quite a lot of strength training for my legs. I have to drive from my home in Wiltshire to get to a gym, so I decided to invest in a set of squat stands to reduce the cost and make it easier for me to exercise. Being a poor student, I bought a second hand set from eBay and persuaded my chauffeur very kind housemate to drive me to Hull in order to collect them. For those of you less familiar with British geography, that’s across the country.

We both took our cameras in the hope of taking some pictures along the way. However, the weather turned from the beautifully clear skies that it had been at the beginning of the week, to normal Manchester cloud on Thursday. There were patches of sun, but they helpfully appeared whilst we were on the motorway and couldn’t take advantage of them. There was one shot that I really wanted to take of a pair of coal-fired power stations with wind turbines in between. It would have made a nice visual comparison between sustainable and unsustainable energy provision. It was brightly lit, but with grey clouds and some blue sky adding a bit of drama to the image. However, I couldn’t get a shot that was anything but obscured by the motorway’s railing.

The shot that I’ve chosen I took at the petrol station before we set off when my housemate decided to fill his tyres up with air. There was a small puddle on the top of the air compressor that vibrated with the machine; the ripples it created were interesting so I took a picture of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a shot of the epicentre of the vibrations, without also getting the dirt and scratches on top of the compressor in the frame. Despite shooting it at f/5.0, the depth of field is narrower than I intended, but I actually quite like the way it blurs the ripples. I feel that it exaggerates their dissipation towards the edge of the image. I also like the way that there are raised bits of water that create the impression of individual droplets.

Vivat regina.


This week, I’m listening to Brand New’s The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. The album was a staple of my late teenage years, and I think I listened to it more than any other album by any band during that time. In fact, one of my friends said that it felt strange being in my car and not listening to it. It’s largely for that reason that I’ve been listening to it lately; I’m so used to it that I can work to it, something I can’t do with most albums. For those of you who don’t know it, the album is full of highs and lows, loud and quiet, and is probably the perfect musical embodiment of teenage angst. They are also one of my favourite bands to see live, having seen them five times now, I would definitely recommend a visit to one of their shows where you will be completely immersed in their sound. I’m not convinced that their next album will be worth listening to, or if it’ll even make it out of the studio, but I’ll probably let you know when I do.


      • Date taken: 31.05.12
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/800 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 45mm