27.05.12, Week 41: Archive 8

by pbnb

I’ve managed to go six weeks without posting an archive shot, and considering most of that has been during either the exam period or essay time, I’m quite pleased and surprised. Having said that, there was a large number in short succession prior to that period when I was freshly out of hospital. However, this week got the best of me and I haven’t managed to take a picture that I thought was worth posting, so I’m afraid that I’ve got another old picture for you.

This shot was taken in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Australia when my girlfriend and I were there during our gap year. The old brick building is Coop’s Shot Tower, which was built in 1888, and then incorporated into Melbourne Central when it was built in 1991. I spent a long time looking at the tower and the conical glass structure built around it whilst my girlfriend and her friend did some shopping. As those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know, I have a thing for the aesthetics of the Victorian era, particularly in architecture. I really like the shape of the tower and the way it looks so stoic beneath the glass cone.

I love the way the tower is contrasted with the steel frame of the contemporary glass cone. It makes me think of how engineering has developed since the tower was originally built, and how someone living at that time would be completely awestruck by an eighty-four metre high, steel framed, glass cone, something which is fairly commonplace in our lifetime. I also like the way that the tower imposes itself upon the picture, as if it doesn’t really belong there, or if it has been Photoshopped in.

I remember that it took me a fair while to work out how best to frame the image as there were lots of jutting pieces of building that obstructed the view. I also wanted to take the shot so that it showed both the tower and the steel frame, which, whilst made easier by the perspective created by looking upwards, wasn’t unproblematic because I couldn’t distance myself from the tower and keep the whole scene in frame. As was characteristic of how I took photos then, I took a lot of shots before I got the one I wanted. I’m really pleased with this shot, though, and I’ve been meaning to post it as an archive entry for a while but kept forgetting to.


This week I’ve mostly been listening to similar music as I’ve still been revising and working on an essay. However, I did listen to The Cat Empire several times during the week, and appropriately they’re a band that originated from Melbourne. Their music always cheers me up and fills you with a sense of confidence. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s incredibly uplifting, a skill that must be a wonderful thing to possess. They’re also an incredibly talented group of musicians and are so much fun to see live particularly due to the way they improvise and feed off each other. Their music is incredibly difficult to describe, so I’m not evening going to try for fear of gendering anyone’s opinion. These are a few of my favourite songs, so have a listen and see what you think: ‘Fishies’, ‘Feeling’s Gone’, and ‘The Car Song’. ‘The Car Song’ is a particular favourite because it will always remind me of the friend who introduced me to this music.


      • Date taken: 29.06.10
      • Aperture: f/1.8
      • Speed: 1/2500 sec
      • ISO: 500
      • Focal length: 35mm