22.04.12, Week 36: Burners

by pbnb

As I am pretty unstable at the moment, I am having to work hard to come up with ideas for photographs that don’t involve me getting anywhere particularly far from my house. Luckily, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, which I am subscribed to, ran an article in their January edition which focused upon taking photographs around the house. One of the shots they suggested was in the vein of the one above and as I liked the look of it I have been thinking of emulating it. Obviously it’s taken me a while to get around to taking the shot, but when I decided upon it it was a very quick process. Considering that Diablo III, the new installment of one of my all time favourite games, was put on public beta by Blizzard this weekend, I’m quite pleased with myself for actually doing something other than playing it. I managed to write an essay, take a good picture, and then do my blog post. It was harder for me than you might think.

The first part was cleaning the hob because it wasn’t all that clean beforehand. The aim was to prevent any distortion or mess on the surface of the hob’s stainless steel base. Unfortunately, there are still some smear marks from the hob cleaner which can be seen in the reflection of the flames. I took pictures with the lights on at first, but they didn’t provide a clear reflection of the flames and the ambient light wasn’t soft enough. The tripod that I own can’t cope with the weight of my new lens and has a tendency to drop my camera if it isn’t in exactly the right position. It is for that reason that I’ve been reluctant to use it as of late and also why I tried taking pictures with the lights on to begin with. I managed to get it to sit in place long enough to take a few shots, but the thought of my camera tumbling to the ground wasn’t particularly confidence inspiring.

The blue highlights on the edge of the partition between the two flames are actually my favourite aspect of the picture. It was completely unintentional and unexpected, in fact I didn’t even notice it until I looked at the image on my computer’s monitor. I like the way that they give the impression of a raised part of the hob’s base without actually showing any detail or from. I’m also pleased with the softness of the flames, as even the in focus burner on the right hand side of the frame still has ethereal flames. I’m in two minds about the reflections in the tiles that are in the top middle and right of the image. I can’t decide whether they add to the picture or if it would benefit from an expanse of black with similar highlighting that is present in the foreground of the image. What do you think?


This week I’m listening to Explosions in the Sky while I type up this post. I suddenly had an urge to listen to them again this evening, so I put their whole back catalogue on shuffle. Their music grabs you when you least expect it and although it is guilty of sounding very similar from song to song, they’re all similarly excellent. It’s quite cinematic and it’s understandable that they have been asked to score films such as Friday Night Lights. They get tarred with the brush of ‘post-rock’, but that label seems to be applied to a wide collection of bands with disparate sounds, and for that reason is meaningless. Perfect music for sorting photographs to as you can be as involved or uninvolved with it as you want to be. One last question, have you passed through this night?


      • Date taken: 22.04.12
      • Aperture: f/6.3
      • Speed: 1.3 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 45mm