25.03.12, Week 32: Hello and Goodbye

by pbnb

This week has been extremely chaotic. I celebrated my twenty-first birthday and my girlfriend also celebrated hers, twice. She was only home for a week before going back to America and therefore chose to celebrate it now rather than in April when it actually falls. I also went to Bristol for an MRI scan on my knee and then another time to see a surgical consultant. I have been booked in for the coming Wednesday to have my surgery which is brilliant news because it means I will hopefully be able to play lacrosse at university again. It also means I can get back into training properly in a few months time. Most importantly in terms of this blog, it means that I can take some more adventurous pictures and hopefully show you guys something more interesting than I do currently.

The picture above was taken the morning after the second of my girlfriend’s birthday celebrations, at her Godmother’s house, the same place that Week 23‘s photograph was taken. The labrador is called Harry and, as you can see from the picture, my girlfriend has a certain soft spot for him. Unfortunately, Harry’s getting quite long in the tooth and is very stiff. Despite this, he did manage to trot around the grounds with us in the lovely weather that we are currently enjoying.

I’m a big fan of candid portraiture and I always try to make my portraitures seem as if they aren’t posed, even if they are. I think that sentiment has worked quite well in this image as neither subject looks like they have been deliberately arranged. I am, however, quite disappointed with the positioning of the subjects within the frame. My girlfriend is in the centre, but the way that I  placed her means that there is a lot of grass on the left hand side of the frame and a little bit of her is cut off on the right. It makes the image look unbalanced and it could have come out better had I thought about the composition a bit more.

The background to the image is beautiful though, and I am pleased with how it has come out. Although there has been a lot of sun recently, the sky has been hazy and often comes out white rather than blue. The blue of the sky in this image is exactly the representation I was hoping for. The line of trees on either side of the picture nicely frames the image and provides a strong border to delineate the edge of the photograph. Again, if I had stepped a little to my right when I took the shot, the borders would probably have been of a more even size on either side of the frame and would have looked better.

My girlfriend flew back to America today, so it’s an appropriate picture to have for a fleeting visit. The next time you see a picture of her, we should be in America together.


Most of the music I’ve listened to this week has been the repetitive tripe on the radio. When my girlfriend drove me to Bristol for my MRI, we heard the same song five times on the same radio station. I swear everything they’re playing at the moment sounds the same too, or has that always been the case? As you can tell, I don’t listen to music on the radio very much.

The time that I spent on my own this week was wisely used to finish an essay and nerd. During the nerding I rediscovered Audioslave. I haven’t listened to much of their music other than their self-titled debut album, but I put all of it on shuffle. The musicians in the band are also the musicians in Rage Against the Machine, so I like pretty much all of the music. It’s heavily riff based and also quite heavy, I hadn’t appreciated that they had actually produced several albums that are all very good.


      • Date taken: 24.03.12
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/1250 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 29mm