29.01.12, Week 24: Archive 3

by pbnb

Last week didn’t go so well with my aim to try out a new technique. I had a few issues with the beginning of term as I needed to switch a bunch of modules around and generally had a bit of a mess up with several other things. It got me thinking about times and places where I would rather be and people whose company I would rather have, which makes the picture above apt. It was taken the first day that my girlfriend and  I were on holiday in Spain last summer. On the way to her house from the airport, we stopped off at the beach as the sun was setting to say a quick hello to the cold sea. That holiday will always be remembered as a time of simple pleasure and serenity, it is probably one of the most peaceful and relaxed periods of my life.

There isn’t anything that I particularly dislike about this picture, which is a rarity for me. The only slight niggle is that my girlfriend’s head is slightly above the horizon; too little to look deliberate and too much to be unnoticeable. Other than that I like everything about the composition, the colours and, of course, the subject. In fact, the picture is hanging from the wall next to my desk where I am sat typing this. I find the way that the colours fade through the sky absolutely beautiful in their simplicity, a beauty that doesn’t change regardless of how many times I study the picture. The latter part of the previous sentence is much the same way that I feel about this picture’s human subject.


To go along with the subject of this post, I’ve been listening to music that reminds me of the person in this picture. I found an artist called Asthmaboy while I was searching for new music a few years ago. As far as I am aware they have only produced one album, Later Days. We often listen to it together while we’re lying in bed talking and cuddling. The music is quite cut back, much like Noah Gundersen’s, and was mostly recorded in one of the band members’ garage on a Mac. At the moment, Fast Asleep’ is the theme tune to many a morning’s wake up. The album is completely free and was just recorded for fun as part of the pair’s artistic expression. You can download it from their website and I highly recommend that you do.


      • Date taken: 03.07.11
      • Aperture: f/5.6
      • Speed: 1/200 sec
      • ISO: 640
      • Focal length: 35mm