15.01.12, Week 22: Ice Ridge

by pbnb

The weather has turned a bit colder this week and most of the nights have been below zero. Luckily, we’ve had the beautiful winter sun and blue skies that tend to come with this type of weather at this time of year. Getting up early to start my revision, I noticed that the lawn had frozen. I’ve always loved pictures of frost and tried to take some this time last year, but they don’t really work without some sort of macro configuration. Luckily for me, and maybe you if you like the picture, I now have such a configuration. The revision was put on hold and the photography started.

Donning my boots and a number of woolen items of clothing, I trampled my way across the pristine mass of frozen grass to the small patch of sunlight that would provide the perfect lighting for my envisioned shots. Upon arriving at said patch of sunlight, I realised that most of the interesting crystals had melted. Undeterred, I moved some heavily frozen leaves into the suns rays so that I could photograph their as yet unmelted crystals.

Getting the right depth of field and focus point took a bit of playing around, as I wasn’t sure which part of the leaf would look best. The particular leaf in the shot above was only in the sun for a matter of seconds but, as you can see in the middle left of the frame, the ice crystals already had already started to melt. Fortunately there was an abundance of frozen leaves for me to use as subjects.

I’m very pleased with the photo, I love how sharp the crystals are and that they almost look like sugar. Since concentrating on the picture to write this post, I’ve noticed the way that the crystals have grown along the veins of the leaf creating a spine of ice spikes. I didn’t realise they had done so with this particular leaf, although some of the other shots in the set have very distinct ridges of ice crystals. I am, however, most pleased about the light; the sun was absolutely perfect, quite a contrast from the sludgy grey that we’ve experienced for most of the Christmas period. A sign of good things to come this year?


Due to the exceptionally large amount of time I’ve spent in a car this week, I’ve actually had plenty of time to listen to music. My girlfriend came to Manchester with me, so we mostly listened to music we both liked. The new Coldplay album, Xylo Myloto and the new Florence + the Machine album, Ceremonials were on repeat during our journey and time in the house. I have to admit, I’m more of a fan of Florence’s album than Coldplay’s. I love the amount of feeling and emotion that is in Florence’s music and, being a drummer myself, the driving beat that seems to be the mainstay of all of her music is thoroughly appreciated.

My friend linked me to Refused’s website which has announced the reforming of the band to perform at Coachella which prompted a reminiscent playing of The Shape of Punk to Come on the way back home on Monday. I have to admit, it did encourage my previously mild road rage. Fortunately, the second attempt at driving home was far smoother than the first.


      • Date taken: 13.01.12
      • Aperture: f/1.8
      • Speed: 1/100 sec
      • ISO: 200
      • Focal length: 55mm