01.01.12, Week 20: Honeycomb

by pbnb

Having played with my parents’ macro lens that I mentioned in week 17, I have decided that the close-up filters on their manual focus 50mm f1.8 actually work better. In the process of making this decision, I’ve taken a significant number of images that focus on textures as I am now able to show them close-up. This week’s image is one of the products of these experiments and is of the outside of a lampshade made of a hessian type material, whilst the light was switched on. The light from underneath highlights the thinner areas of weave whilst leaving the thicker parts dark.

I really like how narrow the depth of field is due to the combination of a wide aperture and the close-up filters. That the resultant bokeh is an amalgamation of the dark and light textures adds to the intensity of the area of the picture that is in focus. I’m also pleased that I managed to get the in focus part of the image to be sharp as I have very little experience of using manual focus lenses. This is complicated by the fact that being so close to the subject makes movement have far more of an impact than it would otherwise. Being a perfectionist, I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t manage to get the in focus part of the image more in the centre of the image; as it is, the in focus area no doubt seriously offends serious adherents to the rule of thirds.

Today I created a ‘2012’ folder in my obsessively organised image filing system. Those that know me well will appreciate the pleasure I get from organising things; it extends far beyond my collection of photographs. This gave me a final figure for the number of images I’ve considered worth keeping in the last twelve months; it stands at 4,674. This year will no doubt see a higher number than the last due to the periods of travelling that are in their planning stages. Although that will depend upon us reaching 2013, which is apparently doubtful.

Furthermore, as the first day of the New Year coincides with one of my posts, I thought it might be prudent to set myself some photographic aims for the year to come. The first is related to the last paragraph, I’d like to take more images that are worthy of saving from the Recycle Bin on my Desktop in the proceeding twelve months than I did in the last. I am currently saving for a new lens, so purchasing and learning how to use that is important to my development this year. I’d also like to maintain and develop this blog, hopefully having fewer posts that rely on my archive as the basis for their image, which in turn means that I will hopefully be taking at least one image a week that is worthy of putting up here. I might even have designed my own website if I can find the time to get around to learning HTML. That probably won’t happen, but I’m just putting it out there.

WordPress is very excited about this being post number 20, apparently I’ve reached my latest post aim despite having no recollection of making one. Although it seems like I have only been writing these posts for a couple of weeks, it does however mean that I have been doing so for five months now. I hope it’s still worth the time it takes to read and look at.

Happy New Year, I hope it’s a good one for all of us.


I’ve recently started lifting weights on a regular basis again, and as I struggle to do complicated work whilst there is music playing, weights sessions tend to be the time that I listen to music most. Because of this, a lot of the music I’ve listened to lately tends to be something that goes accordingly with physical exertion; for me, that means something heavy. This week’s favourite has been Rage Against the Machine’s (RATM) penultimate album of original material, Evil Empire. Taking a less metal orientated approach than their self-titled debut album, Evil Empire also focuses more on the lyrical creativity of Zach de la Rocha. The anger that characterises RATM’s work is most vehement in this album, possibly why it makes such good material to listen to in the gym.


      • Date taken: 28.12.11
      • Aperture: f/1.8
      • Speed: 1/200 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 55mm