27.11.11, Week 15: View from the Top

by pbnb

This week’s post is a follow on from last week’s for two reasons: first of all it is in fact from the top of the Town Hall’s Clock Tower as I had hoped it would be and secondly it’s another long exposure of the Manchester Wheel, but from a very different angle.

The climb up the tower followed an incredibly tight circular staircase that was just wide enough for a person and had I been any taller the ceiling would have been too low. We stopped several times as we ascended the tower in order to enter rooms that contained parts of the clock mechanism or machinery to repair it. On the way down, however, the experience was quite different. I had stayed at the top of the tower taking pictures which the rest of the tour group hadn’t noticed. Luckily, we had two tour guides, and one of them had stayed at the top to wait for me, so we descended the stairs faster than I would have liked to in order to catch up; needless to say, I felt quite ill.

In order to get a full rotation of the wheel, I had to have a 30 second exposure which made the image overly bright in some places and some of the lights flared as a result. Despite this, I’m very pleased with the image, it’s the first time I’ve taken a cityscape at night, but I wish I’d had a wide-angle lens so that I could get more buildings in frame. It also might have been better if I’d included less of the sky in image as it doesn’t really add anything to it; more foreground interest in the form of further lit up buildings would have been a better addition, although it might have detracted from the wheel. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take both images so that I could see which one was best.

This week I’ve bought some Hoya close-up filters and a remote release to have a go at taking macro images without committing to the price of a macro lens, so some of those images might appear in the near future.


      • Date taken: 23.11.11
      • Aperture: f/22
      • Speed: 30.0 sec
      • ISO: 200
      • Focal length: 35mm