23.10.11, Week 10: Archive 1

by pbnb

This past week has been pretty hectic and I haven’t managed to get out and take any pictures other than the daily ones in Whitworth Park, so after 9 weeks of sticking to my plan I’m putting up my first archive picture. This shot was taken at La Alhambra in Granada, Spain and is of one of the many fountains and pools that are dotted around its grounds. I’d stopped to take pictures of sparrows rolling in the dust around the pool, but the concentric circles of the fountain caught my eye. They began in the centre of the pool where a small fountain was sending ripples out towards the edge of the basin, continuing through the wall of the basin itself, its shadow and the lines of bricks surrounding it.

The fountain was in the centre of a circle of pine trees which created an interplay of shadows across the pool, an effect which adds a bit more interest to the shot through the addition of textures and changing light patterns, particularly in the pool of water. The pattern in the stone to the right of the image mirrors the reflection in the pool, adding to the theme of repetition throughout the image.

I’m just about to head into the city centre to do some errands, so I’m going to make that trip back to the cathedral and see how it goes in there.


      • Date taken: 20.07.11
      • Aperture: f/4.5
      • Speed: 1/1000 sec
      • ISO: 200
      • Focal length: 35mm