16.10.11, Week 9: Squirrel Stalking

by pbnb

I’ve spent this week continuing my daily photograph project in Whitworth Park, and everyday I’ve noticed that there was a lot of activity from squirrels. On Saturday, after I had spent the day fruitlessly trying to prepare for an essay, I went to the park to have a quick break which became an hour. After I’d taken my daily photograph I walked around under the trees trying to spot a tail on the ground so that I could follow one. My early attempts were fairly pathetic, not actually managing to get close enough for it to be worth taking a picture. After a while, I found a way; whilst the squirrel was concentrating on a passerby I would move towards it so it wasn’t fully aware of how close I was getting.

I took quite a large set of shots, but I think this one is my favourite. According to the Wikipedia page about the squirrel, it is one of few mammals that can descend a tree head-first, so to get a picture of one doing that and eating at the same time was pretty exciting. The lens I shot the photos with isn’t particularly sharp, especially at 200mm, so I’m pleased to have got a fairly sharp image. I think the main thing I dislike about the photograph is the composure; I’m a bit disappointed with the patch of sky on the left of the frame and that the squirrel is in the no man’s land between the centre and a third of the way across it. However, considering how quickly I composed and took the image, I’m happy that I got a fairly good result, even if it isn’t quite as I had wanted.


      • Date taken: 15.10.11
      • Aperture: f/5.6
      • Speed: 1/30 sec
      • ISO: 320
      • Focal length: 200mm