02.10.11, Week 7: Manchester Photowalk

by pbnb

This weekend was Scott Kelby’s fourth annual worldwide photowalk and with 1,117 walks organised and a total of 28,273 people involved worldwide it was a big event. Impressively, the walks are organised entirely over the internet which I learnt about from being subscribed to the Lightroom Twitter account. Having found that there were two being organised in Manchester, I thought I would attend one of them, and although much of the walk was ground I’ve covered numerous times, I was keen to recover it with other people to see how they’d interpret the area.

In the end I’m incredibly glad I did join the walk because I got to meet some interesting people and the walk leader, Lesley Chalmers, ended the walk in the area around Castle Street which is one of the best locations for photography that I have had the pleasure of finding myself in. There are three or four Victorian bridges that run over each other, waterways where two canals join and numerous Victorian era buildings; ideal for my taste in architecture and photography. I would encourage people to get involved in the walk next year or to plan their own for people to join, it was really worthwhile.

The image above was taken on the walk and is of a grating that covered the roof of the entrance to an under ground car park. I challenged myself to not use any of the priority settings during the walk so that I really had to think about how I combined speed and aperture to acheive the results I wanted. For this image I chose to have quite a low ISO considering the dull weather, with a low depth of field and a high shutter speed. The intention was to create the impression that the grating covered a completely dark space, regardless of the fact that it was quite a well lit area below it. I’m pleased that this worked and that I also managed to record the texture of the metal’s powder coat.

In composing the image I tried to move away from how I typically frame images like this; normally I focus heavily on symmetry. Instead of that, I tried to create a slightly more interesting angle by making the image slightly asymmetric; I think it probably could have been more so as currently it’s not really one or the other to the point where it doesn’t look intentional.


      • Date taken: 02.10.11
      • Aperture: f/3.5
      • Speed: 1/2000 sec
      • ISO: 400
      • Focal length: 35mm