25.09.11, Week 6: Manchester Cathedral

by pbnb

Having moved back up to university, I took a bit of time before term started to have another look at the city centre after I’d spent a good deal of time away from it. I’d walked around the outisde of the cathedral before, but I hadn’t actually been inside to spend a bit of time admiring the architecture. Although I’m not a man of faith, I really appreciate religious buildings for the amount of effort that went into producing them and the generally impressive nature of their design. Having read the Wikipedia page for Manchester cathedral, I learnt how old the building actually is, which is hard to tell from the Victorian facade created after a restoration.

The picture is of the central section of the 15th century pulpitum, which is carved out of oak, and hides the choir stalls which are designed in a similar vein. Unfortunately, I had less than ten minutes to wander around and take pictures as I managed to arrive just before it was closing. The cathedral will certainly be a subject for a future photography session, but it has been put on the back burner for now.

I took the picture using manual settings as I could not get aperture priority to provide a high enough speed. The ambient light in the photograph is therefore quite low, which I intended to suggest the quiet atmosphere of the rest of the cathedral, in contrast to the loud and ostentatious detailing of the pulpitum. I also wanted to represent this idea through sharp focus on the pulpitum in the foreground and soft focus on the rest of the space in the background. Had I had a bit more time in the cathedral I would have liked to have framed the image slightly better; as it is, the symmetrical nature of the design isn’t quite as accurately represented as I wanted.


      • Date taken: 24.09.11
      • Aperture: f/2.8
      • Speed: 1/10 sec
      • ISO: 500
      • Focal length: 35mm