18.09.11, Week 5: Another Hobby

by pbnb

I recently injured myself at a lacrosse tournament, so, as I’m not going to be playing for a while, preseason training was a good opportunity to take some pictures of my teammates. I haven’t taken many sports photos before so I just aimed at taking pictures with as quick a shutter speed as I could get away with in the light conditions. Luckily, the light was strong and bright sunlight; so much so that a lot of the team got sunburnt. I’m pleased with most of the shots I took that day and they’re going to be put to good use to help advertise the club which is ideal.

I’m as passionate about playing lacrosse as I am about photography, but as I spend most of my time doing one or the other, getting the chance to combine the two was a really good experience. My housemate has recently invested in a GoPro camera, which is strapped to our goalies head in this picture above, so we’ve been experimenting with doing some videoing too. I’ll probably post a link to the final cut on my Twitter page in the next few weeks if anyone’s interested.

If anyone reading this doesn’t know anything about lacrosse, it’s an awesome sport that’s incredibly addictive. I think this is about as good an introduction to it that can be provided over the internet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH7PTtALGIo.


      • Date taken: 15.09.11
      • Aperture: f/5.0
      • Speed: 1/5000 sec
      • ISO: 800
      • Focal length: 116mm